Classic Cars

I painted these classic cars in a private residence in Redlands. Each is approximately 10' in length, except for the Cadillac, which is about 6'.

Madison Elementary School, Riverside

These are detail shots of the mural for Madison Elementary's multipurpose room. The mural celebrates the heritage of the nearby Casa Blanca district as well as the architecture of the historic Mission Inn of Riverside.

Plymouth Village, Redlands

Mural for Plymouth Village's employee break room, approx 6' x 4'

Smiley Elementary School, Redlands

Redlands Paint

Trompe l'oeil mural of truck and painter on ladder. 2007

Redlands Paint
555 W. Redlands Blvd.
Redlands, CA 92373

North Tamarind Elementary School, Fontana

United Way - Hands On Inland Empire Day
In October 2007 I worked with volunteers to create murals for North Tamarind Elementary School in Fontana as a part of United Way's Hands On Inland Empire Day. The murals depict cougars (the school's mascot) in one of their natural habitats, the mountains. These mountains in the mural were inspired by the San Bernardino range, which is visible from the school. I sketched the murals and mixed the colors in advance, and then I supervised the painting. It was a lot of fun, and everyone was amazed to see what they had a part in creating.

Redlands Market Night
This mural was commissioned by the Downtown Redlands Business Association. The idea was to illustrate Redlands's weekly Thursday farmer's market, yet with a vintage 1950' or 60's look.
Since Market Night wasn't started until the 80's, I created a scene of my own. I researched images of State Street from the 60's, and used friends and family as models for the characters in the mural.
It is located off Sixth Street between Redlands Blvd. and State Street on the back of the Blesch & Assoc. Realty office in downtown Redlands.

San Bernardino Police Department
2006, approx. 8'x25'